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Gradual wake alarm clocks

Sun01_Light onAlarm clocks that wake gradually with sound or light can be a helpful alternative to unpleasant alarm tones. These can be helpful for a person who is unable to access or use a mobile device as an alarm clock, becomes upset when awakened by another person, or is sensitive to noise.

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Natural Sunlight Alarm Clock

Aromatherapy and Sound Alarm Clock



Switch adapted MP3 players

The Tiny MP3 play is a compact device that has five mini-gumball switches that allow the user to fast forward, rewind, turn the volume up/down, and pause/play. The player can fit in your hand, sit on a table, or attach to a belt or strap. Compatible with headphones and portable plug-in speakers.

The switch adapted iHome docking station allows the user to access an iPod device with six button switches. The docking station includes speakers, an alarm clock, and a line-in jack to connect other audio devices.

The adapted 2-switch iHome docking station allows the user to connect larger buttons to turn the music on/off and scan through songs.