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Go Talk NOW (app)

The Go Talk NOW app is a customizable iPad app for beginners and experienced users of augmentative communication devices. This app features a  Go Talk NOW FREE! iPad app so users can try out the app with limited features before deciding to purchase.


Go Talk NOW

Features of the Go Talk NOW app:

  • Choose from 1, 4, 9, 16, or 25 images per page
  • Images can be used from the photo library, camera, or symbol library, or Internet search
  • Images can be edited in the app
  • Images can have voice or text to speech added
  • Auditory cues support scanning and vision support needs
  • Videos and songs can be added to buttons
  • Supports developing social stories and instruction layouts using mult-media
  • Can be used with switches

Nabi tablet

Nabi tablets are marketed for children but can also be used by adults.  The tablets come in different sizes with different features, uses the Android operating systems, and runs apps from the Google Play store and Amazon marketplace. The Nabi tablet is helpful for users that benefit from a touchscreen with over-sized buttons and built-n security controls in a low cost tablet. Other helpful features: Supported by wi-fi, built-in camera, microphone, can be used with headphones, SD and micro SD slot for games and storage, mini-USB port, and mini HDMI to display on HDTV.