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Resources for information on augmentative communication devices

Companies or vendors to contact for catalogs and information on their augmentative communication devices include:

Able Net Inc. (also have switches, control units, etc.)
1081 10th Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Communication Aid Manufacturers Association
(CAMA represents several companies)
205 W. Randolph St., Ste. 1830
Chicago, IL 60606

Crestwood Co.
6625 N. Sidney Place
Milwaukee, WI 53209-3259

Dynavox System, Inc.
2100 Wharton St.,Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Franklin Electronics Publishers
1 Franklin Plaza
Burlington, NJ 08016-4907

Mayer-Johnson Co.
PO Box 1579
Solano Beach, CA 92075-7579

Phonic Ear, Inc.
3880 Cypress Dr.
Petaluma, CA 94954

Prentke Romich
1022 Heyl Rd.
Wooster, OH 44691-9744

Vision Aid Systems, Inc. (vendor)
PO Box 1369
Greenwood, IN 46142

Words +
1220 W. Ave. J
Lancaster, CA 93534-2902

Zygo Industries, Inc.
PO Box 1008
Portland, OR 97207-1008

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Glowcaps medication reminder

glowcapGlowcaps medication reminder works on the AT&T Mobile Broadband network. The cap provides light and sound notification and will send a text or dial your home phone if the medication is not taken. A plug-in reminder light works in tandem with the cap, glows as a reminder, and sends updates to caregivers. The inside of the glowcap has a button that can be used to send refill notices to the pharmacy.

Glowcap Website

Gradual wake alarm clocks

Sun01_Light onAlarm clocks that wake gradually with sound or light can be a helpful alternative to unpleasant alarm tones. These can be helpful for a person who is unable to access or use a mobile device as an alarm clock, becomes upset when awakened by another person, or is sensitive to noise.

Keyword search for products: gradual wake, natural wake, progressive alarm

Natural Sunlight Alarm Clock

Aromatherapy and Sound Alarm Clock



AngelSense Guardian GPS with magnetic fastener and voice monitoring

The AngelSense Guardian GPS provides features to those of other Safety devices but is unique because it uses an analytic system based on GPS data. It learns the schedule of the wearer and sends alerts when the wearer does not arrive at a typical location or unexpectedly leaves one. The device features a magnetic fastener and voice monitoring. The magnetic fastener allows the device to be placed in a protective sleeve on the inside of the wearer’s clothes, and it can only be removed with a magnetic key. The device also features auditory monitoring of what is happening around the wearer of the device. This device requires a service plan.

AngelSense Guardian GPS

Freedom GPS watch with SureLok system

freedomunitThe Freedom GPS watch comes in adult and child sizes. The kids’ sizes are for ages 5-13 and are available in various colors. It includes a locking strap that uses a SureLok(tm) system.  The size of a designated “mobile safe zone” can be adjusted. When the wearer leaves the safe area, it activates an alarm and a visual alert. Alerts by email and text messages linked to Google Maps are also available. The person may request assistance by pressing a panic button on the watch. Requires a monthly service fee.

Freedom Watch Website