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SymbolSupport (app)

SymbolSupport is an iPad and iPhone app that translates documents into symbols. Documents are read by text to speech and each word is highlighted as it is read.  As a document is typed or pasted into the app an image appears with each word automatically. These images can be swapped with another image in the symbol library, your own photos, or images from the Internet. The app will remember the image preferences for these words in the future. This is helpful for social stories, step-by-step instructions, and class assignments.

SymbolSupport App

Pictello (app)

Pictello is an app that allows the user to create visual stories and talking books to communicate about events, share information, and be creative.

Possible uses for Pictello:

  • Create social stories with pictures and videos
  • Visual instructions of how to complete a task or learn a skill
  • The user can train their care provider on their needs
  • Can be used like a “talking picture frame” and serve as a person’s voice to share about events, vacations, or general information.