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Dynavox communication devices

Dynavox offers a large variety of communication supports for all different kinds of users. The website provides training, access to consultants, and information on how to purchase devices. In addition to devices Dynavox features accessories to provide greater independence in daily life and self-expression. Dynavox products can be used with switches, eye tracking software, and many other supports tailored to the needs of an individual user.

Go Talk NOW (app)

The Go Talk NOW app is a customizable iPad app for beginners and experienced users of augmentative communication devices. This app features a  Go Talk NOW FREE! iPad app so users can try out the app with limited features before deciding to purchase.


Go Talk NOW

Features of the Go Talk NOW app:

  • Choose from 1, 4, 9, 16, or 25 images per page
  • Images can be used from the photo library, camera, or symbol library, or Internet search
  • Images can be edited in the app
  • Images can have voice or text to speech added
  • Auditory cues support scanning and vision support needs
  • Videos and songs can be added to buttons
  • Supports developing social stories and instruction layouts using mult-media
  • Can be used with switches

Pictello (app)

Pictello is an app that allows the user to create visual stories and talking books to communicate about events, share information, and be creative.

Possible uses for Pictello:

  • Create social stories with pictures and videos
  • Visual instructions of how to complete a task or learn a skill
  • The user can train their care provider on their needs
  • Can be used like a “talking picture frame” and serve as a person’s voice to share about events, vacations, or general information.