Step 1: Identify Needs

Ask what tasks or activities the person wants to do that, with AT, would require less assistance. Use questions like these to help the team clearly identify the need.

Discussion Questions

  • What activity requires personal assistance? What strategies or accommodations are currently in place? What is working or not working about it?
  • What is highly motivating to the person? Where would the person like to have more control in his or her life? If the person has limited communication, what would he or she like to be able to ask for or say?
  • Are there underlying issues the team should keep in mind, such as sensory issues or fears?
  • Have areas of the ISP been of concern in the past? Are there areas where progress on goals has not been made?
  • Does the team need additional help to assess the person’s need for AT (i.e. referral for professional services)?
  • Is the intent to reduce the duties of or replace a staff person/support provider with AT?
  • How might the use of AT help the person perform desired task(s) or activities more easily, efficiently, or successfully with less personal assistance?


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