Step 4: Obtain and Implement

Make a plan for how to obtain and support the person’s use of the AT as well as how to monitor its effectiveness.

Obtaining the AT

Who will purchase this AT? Where? When?

How will it be paid for?

  • Consider resources such as health insurance, K plan, waiver, Voc. Rehab., school resources, grants.
  • Discuss funding options with your Services Coordinator or Personal Agent.
  • Expenditure Guidelines are published by ODDS to guide decisions around use of K plan and waiver resources. See the footer of this website for a link to view the expenditure guidelines that apply in your service setting.

If funding is not currently available, what are the options?

Using the AT

What training will be needed in order to use this AT?

  • What does the person need to learn in order to use the AT?
  • What information do others need to implement the device?
  • Is a referral for additional help needed?
  • Who will provide training to the person? When?
  • Who will provide training to the provider(s)/family/others? When?

What else is needed to implement this AT?

  • How will the person use this AT? Describe what the usage of this AT will look like.
  • Can the AT be accessed by the person independently? Does the environment need any modification to support use of this AT?
  • Can the AT be used wherever the person goes? Where will it normally be located?
  • Who will own the AT? If the person moves, will it go with the person?
  • What will be required to maintain the AT in working order? Who is responsible for its maintenance?
  • What measures are needed to minimize risks of loss or theft of the AT? What is the plan if it is lost or stolen?
  • Does this AT restrict anyone’s personal rights in any way? Is special consent required, or is a variance needed?
  • Does the ISP reflect services needed to support this AT in a way that is understood by all team members?

Monitoring the Effectiveness of the AT

Describe what the person’s life looks like now and how it will be different; define a baseline by which to monitor progress or changes.

What method(s) will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the AT?

  • What information can be observed and measured that will demonstrate progress toward goals?
  • What data will be collected? Who will be responsible to collect data, where (in what environments), and how?

How will progress be monitored over time?

Are any other steps needed to monitor the use and/or the effectiveness of this AT?


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