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Dynavox communication devices

Dynavox offers a large variety of communication supports for all different kinds of users. The website provides training, access to consultants, and information on how to purchase devices. In addition to devices Dynavox features accessories to provide greater independence in daily life and self-expression. Dynavox products can be used with switches, eye tracking software, and many other supports tailored to the needs of an individual user.

Switch adapted MP3 players

The Tiny MP3 play is a compact device that has five mini-gumball switches that allow the user to fast forward, rewind, turn the volume up/down, and pause/play. The player can fit in your hand, sit on a table, or attach to a belt or strap. Compatible with headphones and portable plug-in speakers.

The switch adapted iHome docking station allows the user to access an iPod device with six button switches. The docking station includes speakers, an alarm clock, and a line-in jack to connect other audio devices.

The adapted 2-switch iHome docking station allows the user to connect larger buttons to turn the music on/off and scan through songs.

Button switches

The button switch is a great beginner switch. It provides a large surface  and is also helpful for people who are blind or partially sighted. Button switches come in smaller sizes, some provide auditory and tactile input, and some feature a twist top so the color of the plate can be changed easily.  Most buttons can be mounted and some can be worn using a strap.