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Home monitoring


Many phone, internet, and security companies offer options for monitoring a home remotely through the use of cameras, sensors, and other forms of technology.  Many can turn on and off appliances, shut off water and gas sources during an emergency, and alert when someone enters or exits the home.  Many options with varying features are available.  Below are a few examples and resources:

Pictello (app)

Pictello is an app that allows the user to create visual stories and talking books to communicate about events, share information, and be creative.

Possible uses for Pictello:

  • Create social stories with pictures and videos
  • Visual instructions of how to complete a task or learn a skill
  • The user can train their care provider on their needs
  • Can be used like a “talking picture frame” and serve as a person’s voice to share about events, vacations, or general information.

Video remote monitoring (with service through a vendor)

There are several options for video remote monitoring available through nationwide vendors who also provide remote monitoring staffing.

These options include:

  • One way video monitoring that allows a remote caregiver to see common areas of a home and can notify others or communicate directly with the person if issues arise
  • Two way video which allows the person to see the remote caregiver and interact with them directly both visually and verbally

Contact these vendors for additional information: