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Home monitoring


Many phone, internet, and security companies offer options for monitoring a home remotely through the use of cameras, sensors, and other forms of technology.  Many can turn on and off appliances, shut off water and gas sources during an emergency, and alert when someone enters or exits the home.  Many options with varying features are available.  Below are a few examples and resources:

Sensors (purchasing from a vendor)

Sensors are available for rent or purchase as part of a remote monitoring service through nationwide vendors.

The types and function of the sensors include:

  • Contact sensors that can be used to detect when a door, window, cabinet or drawer are opened
  • Motion sensors that detect movement in a room
  • Pressure sensors that detect when someone is in a bed or chair
  • Moisture sensors that detect when a person experiences incontinence
  • Toilet flush sensors to detect a person’s use of the bathroom

Contact the individual vendor or visit their website for more information.