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Bluetooth/smartphone keyless door locks

There are a variety of different keyless entry devices available using smartphones or bluetooth features to unlock doors. Depending on the accessibility needs of the person the following products meet a wide variety of support needs.

Lockitron – Fits over the existing deadbolt and works with iPhone 4s and 5 to automatically unlock the door when it senses you walk up.

Kevo Lock – This lock requires some installation. Compatible with the iPhone 4s and 5 or a bluetooth fob the user is sensed by the lock and taps the lock for entry.

Goji Smart Lock – This lock requires some installation. The Goji lock fits on the outside of your door and sends a picture to your smartphone of who is at your door.  Works with smartphone entry and also bluetooth fobs.

GPS shoes

GPS Shoes

From the Aetrex Website:   These innovative shoes feature the latest GPS tracking technology embedded in the base of the heel with location coordinates sent to a central monitoring station. When your loved one is wearing the Aetrex GPS Shoes, you will have the ability to quickly track and locate them at any hour of the day using the interactive tracking website service (contingent upon enrollment in a separate monthly tracking plan; tracking service only works within the United States and excludes Alaska & Hawaii).

Finally, this extraordinary footwear will provide the comfort and security for you and your loved ones.


Sensors (purchasing from a vendor)

Sensors are available for rent or purchase as part of a remote monitoring service through nationwide vendors.

The types and function of the sensors include:

  • Contact sensors that can be used to detect when a door, window, cabinet or drawer are opened
  • Motion sensors that detect movement in a room
  • Pressure sensors that detect when someone is in a bed or chair
  • Moisture sensors that detect when a person experiences incontinence
  • Toilet flush sensors to detect a person’s use of the bathroom

Contact the individual vendor or visit their website for more information.