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Freedom GPS watch with SureLok system

freedomunitThe Freedom GPS watch comes in adult and child sizes. The kids’ sizes are for ages 5-13 and are available in various colors. It includes a locking strap that uses a SureLok(tm) system.  The size of a designated “mobile safe zone” can be adjusted. When the wearer leaves the safe area, it activates an alarm and a visual alert. Alerts by email and text messages linked to Google Maps are also available. The person may request assistance by pressing a panic button on the watch. Requires a monthly service fee.

Freedom Watch Website

Loc8tor GPS devices

loc8torLoc8tor GPS devices and products can be used with or without a service plan to keep track of essential items as well as a safety for individuals. The Loc8tor lite uses lights and audio to guide the user to items that have had a homing tag attached. The GPS device allows you to set up a virtual safety zone and it will send text and email alerts when an individual wearing the tracker has left the zone. This allows for independence as well as safety. gpspanel It also features a panic button so the person wearing the tracker to request help. There are additional products and that can be purchased through the website to customize the use.

Loc8tor Website


Long range two-way speakerphone pendant communicator

A two-way pendant communicator requires no monthly fees and can be used for communication and emergencies. The pendant communicator allows the user to send a message in and around the home for checking in, for immediate help, and also works as an emergency call button. The communicator is portable and can be used when traveling and even in the shower. One button to press for communication is accessible for people with memory, vision, and mobility challenges when support or help is needed. An added bonus is that the pendant can be used to answer incoming phone calls.

Voice Pendant Medical Alert System