Step 2: Explore Options

Assign someone to research AT that will fit the person’s needs. What resources will they explore? By when? If the team is already considering one specific AT, decide if any additional AT options should be explored.

Strategies for finding AT solutions

Consider what services are available to help explore options, such as Occupational Therapy (OT), technical assistance programs, lending libraries, loan/rental programs.

Ask around:

  • Check with therapists, family members, and others who know the person for recommendations and resources.
  • Look for examples of where AT may have been used in similar situations.
  • Ask friends or others you know who use some form of AT successfully for advice.
  • Ask your tech-savvy friends.

Don’t forget low-tech environmental solutions. Involve the person, family, and supports in brainstorming. Think creatively!

Go to hardware or electronics stores. Describe the situation to sales clerks and see what ideas they have. You may get some creative, yet sensible suggestions from people not in “the field.”

Browse the web. Here are some strategies to try:

  • Search a keyword or question, such as Universal Design, accessibility, adaptive equipment, adaptive technology, and augmented communication—see what comes up.
  • Search social networking sites to find others with similar interests or expertise to share.

Don’t worry if you are new at this and feel lost. Start by taking one simple action and see where it takes you!

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