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Glowcaps medication reminder

glowcapGlowcaps medication reminder works on the AT&T Mobile Broadband network. The cap provides light and sound notification and will send a text or dial your home phone if the medication is not taken. A plug-in reminder light works in tandem with the cap, glows as a reminder, and sends updates to caregivers. The inside of the glowcap has a button that can be used to send refill notices to the pharmacy.

Glowcap Website

Video remote monitoring (with service through a vendor)

There are several options for video remote monitoring available through nationwide vendors who also provide remote monitoring staffing.

These options include:

  • One way video monitoring that allows a remote caregiver to see common areas of a home and can notify others or communicate directly with the person if issues arise
  • Two way video which allows the person to see the remote caregiver and interact with them directly both visually and verbally

Contact these vendors for additional information:

Sensors (purchasing from a vendor)

Sensors are available for rent or purchase as part of a remote monitoring service through nationwide vendors.

The types and function of the sensors include:

  • Contact sensors that can be used to detect when a door, window, cabinet or drawer are opened
  • Motion sensors that detect movement in a room
  • Pressure sensors that detect when someone is in a bed or chair
  • Moisture sensors that detect when a person experiences incontinence
  • Toilet flush sensors to detect a person’s use of the bathroom

Contact the individual vendor or visit their website for more information.