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Glowcaps medication reminder

glowcapGlowcaps medication reminder works on the AT&T Mobile Broadband network. The cap provides light and sound notification and will send a text or dial your home phone if the medication is not taken. A plug-in reminder light works in tandem with the cap, glows as a reminder, and sends updates to caregivers. The inside of the glowcap has a button that can be used to send refill notices to the pharmacy.

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Gradual wake alarm clocks

Sun01_Light onAlarm clocks that wake gradually with sound or light can be a helpful alternative to unpleasant alarm tones. These can be helpful for a person who is unable to access or use a mobile device as an alarm clock, becomes upset when awakened by another person, or is sensitive to noise.

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Natural Sunlight Alarm Clock

Aromatherapy and Sound Alarm Clock



Bathroom hygiene reach extenders

wipe wand

These products are designed for people who may experience limited mobility and range of motion, and would like more independence in their hygiene routines.

Products such as this can vary in functionality and have multiple uses.  To find the product that would work best for the person you support check here:

Bidet (portable, toilet or toilet seat attachment)


Stainless_Steel_Bathroom_Bidet_Sprayer                 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

A bidet is a plumbing fixture that is used to clean the genitals after using the toilet or as needed. A bidet can be installed as a separate unit or added to the existing toilet as an attachment. Travel bidets are portable and can be used in the home or community.