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Money management and budgeting apps

easy pay


Easy Pay iPhone App

This innovative app combines an electronic dollar over method with a customizable talking timer, task and shopping list as well a quick talk AAC section.  After loading  money virtually into your electronic wallet to match the money in your real wallet, just enter the amount you owe and the app visually displays which bills to give the cashier.

Pay With iPhone App

Pay With is a visual support to help people to select the correct note or combination of notes when shopping.

The basic skills the user will need in order to operate this app are:

  1. The ability to match numbers
  2. The ability to match a picture of a note with an actual note

Budget iPhone App

Budget helps you track your spending and keep to a budget. You can easily see your total income and your total expenses for a period, plus which expenses you are spending the most on and which expenses you are going over budget on.

Money identification apps


  • The EyeNote® application (app) was developed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) for the blind or visually impaired to use as a tool to increase accessibility to Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. paper currency). EyeNote® is built for the Apple iOS to allow the user to scan a bank note and communicate its value back to the user.
  • The app is available as a free download on the Apple App Store℠.
  • http://www.eyenote.gov/