Online Training

Here are the modules and webinar recordings that are currently available:

Online Training Modules

Module 3: ISP Walk-through (Originally released in June 2017)

A walk through Oregon's Individual Support Plan with Overviews, Role-specific information, and Examples for each section

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Module 2: Basic Introduction to the Oregon ISP (Originally released in January 2017)

Basic Introduction to the Oregon ISP

This module introduces you to the process of gathering person centered information, the purpose of the Risk Identification Tool, and how to build a one page profile. Launch course...

Module 1: What's in your new plan? (Originally released in 2015)

Front screen of
"What's In Your ISP?" Online Course

This online course is designed for people who have an ISP and their friends & families. Learn more and take course...

Using the 2015 ISP forms (now out of date)

This module is no longer current but is included for reference, if needed.

Using the Provided ISP Forms (Originally released in 2015) This online course explains how to download, save, and open the provided ISP forms. It demonstrates how to turn on the hidden, purple help text which is included in some of the documents. It also includes tips for SC/PAs for removing sections of the ISP and adding additional chosen services sections. Take course >

Webinar Recordings

  • Putting the Plan into Action: Implementing the ISP (12/16/2016) Watch now
  • Using the new ISP Attachment & provided resources (June 2016) Watch now
  • Risk Identification & Risk Management Responsibilities for Provider Organizations (9/30/2015) Watch now