Classroom Trainings

Here are the courses currently offered in 2017-18:

Oregon ISP for Provider Organizations

This half-day training is for Provider Organization staff (including 24-hour Residential, Supported Living, and Employment/ATE providers). It focuses on their responsibilities for contributing to the development and implementation of ISPs.

Oregon ISP for Foster Providers (Adults and Children)

This half-day training is for licensed I/DD Foster Providers. It focuses on their responsibilities for contributing to the development and implementation of ISPs. Credit (3.5 hours) is available for successful completion of this training.

Oregon ISP for Services Coordinators and Personal Agents

This one-day training is for CDDP Services Coordinators and Support Services Personal Agents. It focuses on their case management responsibilities for facilitating the Oregon ISP process.

NOTE: Because this training is targeted to SCs and PAs, registration for this class is limited to employees of ODDS, CDDPs and Brokerages.

Regional ISP Workshop: A deeper dive into the Oregon ISP process

This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to bring together key local partners (CDDP, Brokerage, and Provider Organization leadership). Workshop participants will learn about latest changes to the ISP process, increase their skills in developing and implementing plans, discuss what works/doesn’t work in their area, and strengthen partnerships and agreements.

This workshop is intended for SC/PAs and provider organization management who are already familiar with the Oregon ISP process. Due to space constraints, limits may be placed on how many people can attend from each organization. When considering who to send, identify people who can:

  • Speak to issues currently faced in your area
  • Have a firm understanding of the ISP process and expectations
  • Problem-solve with others and take a collaborative approach
  • Demonstrate leadership in training or supporting organization’s staff
  • Affect change within your organization and with local partners

Other training resources