ISP Checklist for SC/PAs

ISP Checklist
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Individual Support Plan (ISP) Checklist

The Individual Support Plan (ISP) Checklist was created by OTAC to help guide Services Coordinators and Personal Agents through the ISP process and associated tasks. This optional tool may be used in any way that works best for the person using it.

The Checklist provides a place to indicate that the person has been asked about any accommodations they might need in order to be as involved as possible in planning, as well as space to indicate who the person wants involved in planning.

The tool includes “A Guide for Planning” that may be useful for training new staff, but it might also be helpful to seasoned professionals who are looking for a new way of trying things.

The ISP Checklist, including the Guide for Planning is fully editable, so feel free to make changes that match your agency’s culture and processes.

We’d love to hear your feedback! If you use the tool, let us know how it works for you, or if there are things that you think would make it better.