Instruction Manuals & Samples

Instruction Manuals

Download the complete instruction manual here.

  • ISP Instruction Manual for SC/PAs, rev. 6-30-2015 (Word)
  • ISP Instruction Manual for Provider Organizations and Foster Providers, rev. 6-30-2015 (Word)

The SC/PA Manual includes the following additional chapters: Career Development Plan and Completing the ISP. All other content is identical in both manuals.

  • ISP Attachment instructions, rev. 6-17-2016 (Word)
  • ISP Checklist for SC/PAs, rev. 9-30-2016 (Word)
  • Career Development Plan and DNE instructions (Word)
  • Updated: Career Development Plan instructions for SC/PAs (rev. June 2016) Instructions for completing the entire Career Development Plan within the ISP. (Word)
  • Discussion Record instructions (Word)
  • Employment and Career Development Plan resources (link to CDP page)
  • Risk Identification Tool - Additional Guidance

Employment Resources

Visit our Employment Resources page for additional instructions, discussion guide, and other helpful resources.