Employment Resources

For questions about the Career Development Plan within the Oregon ISP or related to the available Employment Services, contact your regional Employment Specialist or Julie Huber, Employment Specialist at ODDS, julie.l.huber@state.or.us, 503-945-9787.

These resources are available:

  • Updated Workers Guide: Career Development Plan (CDP) and Decision Not to Explore Employment (DNE) Implementation (PDF)
  • Updated Workers Guide: Who is Required to Have a CDP or DNE (PDF)
  • Updated: Career Development Plan instructions for SC/PAs (rev. June 2016) Instructions for completing the entire Career Development Plan within the ISP. (Word)
  • Employment Discussion Guide for SC/PAs (rev. June 2016) A guide prepared by interested stakeholders and published by ODDS that offers guidance on facilitating discussions related to employment. It includes information about barriers that some people experience as well as strategies that can help address these barriers. (Word) (PDF)
  • Selecting Employment Providers (rev. May 2016) A guide to people and their families on selecting an employment provider. Includes guidance on accessing and understanding published data related to employment providers. (Word) (PDF)
  • Discovery Provider List (rev. September 2016) (PDF)
  • Employment First Contact List (rev. February 2017) (PDF)