June 2016 ISP Attachment

As of June 17, 2016

A webinar was presented 6/29 to review these updates. Click here to view the recorded webinar (45 minutes).

Required updates

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ISP Attachment

Download required form:

  • ISP Attachment 6-17-2016 (Word)

This attachment is to be completed by the SC/PA. It is required effective July 1, 2016 at the time of ISP development for a new person entering services and upon renewal of existing ISPs with a September ISP effective date.

This document includes hidden purple help text to guide the person completing the form. Purple text won’t show up on your computer? Follow these instructions to view “hidden text” in Microsoft Word.


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Instructions for ISP Attachment

  • Instructions for ISP Attachment, rev. 6-17-2016 (Word)
  • Updated Workers Guide: Career Development Plan (CDP) and Decision Not to Explore Employment (DNE) Implementation (PDF)
  • Updated Workers Guide: Who is Required to Have a CDP or DNE (PDF)

Samples of the new ISP Attachment in use

There is an example ISP Attachment for each published ISP sample which includes people served in a variety of settings. Visit our Instructions and Samples page and click on Instructional Samples to see the complete list of sample documents.


Optional additional tools and resources

The following additional tools are provided to support the planning process.

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Who do you want involved in planning your life?

  • Who do you want involved in planning your life? (Word)

This tool provides an example framework for structuring a conversation with the person about who is involved in planning.


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Discussion Record

  • Discussion Record (Word)
  • Discussion Record instructions (Word)

A Discussion Record is an optional tool that ISP teams can use to record issues they have discussed and the outcome of their discussion. When referenced within the ISP or when accompanied by an ISP Change Form, the Discussion Record serves as a part of the person’s ISP.


[wc_accordion_section title=”Personal Action Plan”]

Personal Action Plan

  • Personal Action Plan (Word)

This is an example of a simple action plan that could be used by anyone. It provides a framework for thinking through and recording specific steps they can take toward accomplishing a desired outcome.



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