5/2017 Release of updated forms

Oregon's Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) has published a new set of ISP forms in PDF format. These new forms allow for more personalization and offer more guidance to the person filling them out. They offer improved accessibility features. They also provide more future compatibility by introducing an export/import feature that can be used to streamline data transfer into future releases of these documents.

There is currently no date set for required implementation of the new forms. They are being provided now so you can get familiar with them and have time to obtain the correct software.

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Feedback from volunteer testers

We are so grateful to more than 42 representatives of 16 different counties, brokerages, provider organizations, and family members who volunteered to review and test the new documents in March and April 2017.

Here are some of their comments...

I really liked the way that everything worked and I think that it is wonderfully organized.
Mariah B.
Services Coordinator
I really like the new format; it is organized in a neater fashion than the old ISP and gives some better instructions for completing certain sections.
Andrew G.
Services Coordinator
I love how intuitive the CDP section is and how it "flows" (expanding/showing only applicable sections based on what you select) - very easy to use!
Mitzi S.
Personal Agent
The new forms appear more professional in my opinion in the new format and are easier for Services coordinators and families to follow as they are laid out nicely and can be personalized to remove any unneeded information.
Cody H.
Services Coordinator